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S3 E3 - Jeff Burkhart. Thoughts on COVID-19 direct from Italy.

We wanted to deliver an episode relevant to current events in regards to COVID-19, and Josh's good friend Jeff lives in Naples, Italy. This episode isn't a clinical look at the virus itself, but more of a discussion about the effect the pandemic is having on us as a global society. Jeff brought a lot of really great perspective and we hope this interview brings you hope and happiness. 

Here are a few links to things we talked about this episode:

Jeff's suggestion - Author Brandon Sanderson

Josh's suggestion - Music of Radnor & Lee and TV show Hunters

Jeff Burkhart's view in Italy:


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S3 E2 - Rayah Dickerson from the Depth of Echos Podcast.

Hello friends! We hope you are staying healthy during this time. We record these interviews sometimes weeks before they are released. That means occasionally they come out during events that warrant discussion, but there is no mention of current events. Such is the case with this episode featuring Rayah from the Depth of Echos podcast. We talk in depth about mental health, but did not talk about it as it pertains to the current COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, maybe this episode can serve as a respite for those who don't want to think about the current state of things. We thought the interview was fantastic and Rayah had so much valuable information to share! Please enjoy, and if you have and thoughts please jump into the group and start a discussion. Thank you all for listening and stay healthy!

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S3 E1 - David Hayward, NakedPastor. “The label on a can is for the people on the outside, not the contents.”

Welcome to episode 1 of the third season of the Harbor podcast! We are so happy you are here, and very excited for this episode!

David Hayward, the @nakedpastor joined us to talk about spiritual independence, evolving faith, and healthy community. David is an incredible writer, thinker, artist, and one hell of a nice guy! Please click on the links below to support David.

NakedPastor on Amazon

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S2 E14 - Josh Roggie. Shame, the BOOK!

Welcome to a very special edition of the Harbor podcast! This is an interview with our very own Josh Roggie about his new book Shame: An Unconventional Memoir. 

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S2 E13 - tHe ReTuRn Of KyLe bUsH! Flip The Script.

Welcome back to the Harbor! On this episode our good friend Kyle Bush came back to guest host and put Josh and Jeff through the theological ringer! He came prepared with amazing questions and we had some almost adequate answers. ;)

Thank you Kyle for doing this. it was a really fun conversation and we sincerely hope it gets your wheels turning!

Here are a couple links that were mentioned in the episode:

Jed Payne's podcast, Church and Other Drugs -

The Little Soul and the Sun -

The Little Soul and the Earth -

The Egg -

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S2 E12 - Bethany Weaver-Gonzales. Mestiza Eco-Femenist Hot Sauce.

We finally got Bethany on the show! Even though I was battling a cold I was so excited for this episode. I've mentioned Bethany a number of times of previous episodes, so it was such a joy to have her on. We decided to make this a special edition of the Harbor and blatantly copy the YouTube show Hot Ones. We had 7 hot sauces and tried one every 7 minutes. It was fine... no need to listen all the way through... we didn't almost die at the end.

Of course the interview was amazing as well, so please have a listen, think, laugh, and then go tell us what you thought at or or 

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S2 E11 - Juice Macon. Church, Depression, Coffee.

Happy New Year! We are excited to be back for 2020! There are still no flying cars, but at least we have coffee. Speaking of coffee, our very favorite barista Juice is in the house this episode to talk a little bit about that, and a lot a bit about what it was like working at a church while dealing with depression, amongst other things. Enjoy the episode, and for goodness sake head over to or and let us know what you think! Of course you can also email us at too. 

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S2 E10 - Jenna Bowden. Synchronicity, Stoicism, Success.

Merry Christmas Harbor friends! On this episode we were joined by our dear friend Jenna Bowden from the Inspiring Women of the 719 podcast. This is our final episode of 2019, and we don't think we could have had a better guest to finish off the year! 

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S2 E9 - Jon Grimo. Homophobia, Confrontation, Growth.

We got Josh's long time friend Jon Grimo on the phone and had a great conversation about learning from our mistakes, and the importance of apologizing for those mistakes. Jon is a hell of a guy and we're planning on having him back on with much better audio! (Get that audiobook studio up and running Jon!)  

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S2 E8 - Bronson VanWagoner. Cats, Tats, and Apostasy.

Oh what fun! We had Bronson from the Audio Hotline on to talk about the standard stuff: tattoos, cats, heavy metal, audio gear, and of course... leaving the LDS church.

Bronson is a fantastic guy and you should go check out all his socials and YouTube channel like right away!

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